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Airbus • Boeing • McDonnell Douglas


As a complete resource facility, AirExchanges team of experts provides assistance in all phases of maintenance and overhaul activities for these aircraft.


  • Airframes
  • Avionics
  • Electrical Parts
  • Pneumatic Parts
  • Landing Gear
  • Instrument Parts
  • Hydraulic Parts
  • Turbines

Aircraft Type

DC-3 DC-8 DC-9/MD-80's DC-10/MD-11 B-707 B-727 B-737 B-747 B-757 B-767 A-300 L-100 L1011

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With a record of complete customer satisfaction as a total resource facility, Air Exchanges gives you confidence, guaranteed.


In order to meet Air Exchanges superior standards of quality, these parts undergo strict inspections by our team. This helps to assure the quality of your finished product as well as minimizing your downtime and lost revenues when the aircraft is on the ground.